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EPSON Showcase at St. Mary's


Epson's case study highlights the successful integration of their Interactive Projector with Microsoft OneNote in our school, revolutionising the way teaching and learning take place. By combining Epson's cutting-edge projection technology with the collaborative features of OneNote, our educational institutions have experienced a significant enhancement in the engagement and effectiveness of classroom activities.

With the Interactive Projector, teachers can project content directly onto any surface, transforming it into an interactive whiteboard. This immersive experience allows educators to bring their lessons to life, captivating students' attention and fostering a dynamic learning environment. The high-quality projection capabilities of Epson's Interactive Projector ensure vibrant and clear visuals, enabling students to grasp complex concepts with ease.

The integration with Microsoft OneNote takes the collaborative aspect of teaching and learning to new heights. OneNote serves as a digital notebook that allows students and teachers to create, organize, and share content seamlessly. By leveraging this powerful tool, educators can develop interactive lesson plans, incorporating multimedia elements such as images, videos, and audio recordings. Students, on the other hand, can actively participate in the learning process by taking digital notes, annotating shared materials, and collaborating with their peers in real-time.

This integrated solution empowers teachers to facilitate group work, brainstorming sessions, and interactive discussions with ease. With the Interactive Projector's touch functionality, students can directly interact with the projected content, promoting hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, the compatibility of Epson's Interactive Projector with multiple devices allows for effortless connectivity, enabling students to contribute from their laptops, tablets, or smartphones, regardless of their location.

The Epson and Microsoft collaboration has transformed traditional classrooms into interactive hubs of knowledge exchange. Students are more engaged, active, and collaborative, as the combined power of Epson's Interactive Projector and Microsoft OneNote fosters a learner-centric approach. The seamless integration of technology into the teaching and learning process has undoubtedly revolutionized education, preparing our students for a future that demands adaptability, collaboration, and digital literacy.

May 31
School Closes for Summer Holidays
Jun 05
State Examinations commence
Congratulations to the U18 Ballina team, coaches and management who won the Connacht Cup title.Special shout out to the many St.Mary's students who are part of the team. Well done all!
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